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The Future of Wedding Dresses: Finding Your Dream Dress Online

Online Wedding Dress Luxury Retailers - Oscar de la renta 

“Selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting …
it’s a process, a memory in the making” - Olivelli

These days, the internet really does seem to have a solution for everything. From food, medications, and more, you can buy just about anything online. However, traditionally many brides have stayed away from online shopping when it comes to wedding staples like dresses and tuxedos. 

Shopping for a wedding gown online may seem intimidating, especially when there are concerns about quality and sizing. You might even be wondering if it’s possible at all to get luxury, quality wedding dresses outside of a bridal salon!

The answer is an overwhelming yes. Just recently, award-winning fashion designer Oscar De La Renta announced a partnership with Amazon to begin selling luxury Oscar De La Renta designs through the online platform. Who would have thought Amazon Prime could deliver the wedding dress of your dreams from world-famous designers? 

Other online retailers have begun carrying quality designs and silhouettes online in increasing numbers, especially as VIDOC-concerns keep more people at home and out of traditional wedding boutiques. 

These platforms work to make finding your wedding dress different than just another round of online shopping by pouring time, energy, and effort into creating a unique and memorable experience you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Oscar De La Renta Luxury Wedding Dresses now on Amazon

Oscar De La Renta will partner through Amazon’s new program called Luxury Stores to sell designer and boutique gowns through Amazon. Membership is available to eligible Prime members and is currently by invitation only. 

Brides interested in browsing De La Renta’s offerings can request an invitation to join. Here are just a few of the gowns we expect to see hitting the (virtual) aisles on Amazon: Bridal Collection Fall 2020

wedding dresses-bridal fashion-wedding style- Oscar De La Renta-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia

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wedding dresses-bridal fashion-wedding style- Oscar De La Renta-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia

wedding dresses-bridal fashion-wedding style- Oscar De La Renta-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia

For those who fall a little outside of Oscar De La Renta’s price range, Amazon also offers some other quality wedding gowns that are well-loved by customers and have withstood the test of time. You can find these popular options here

If you’re wanting a little more creativity with your wedding gown’s design, Etsy offers some phenomenal luxury wedding dress designs at all price points that can be customized or designed to your wildest dreams. They’ve been a heavyweight in the bridal gown industry for years, offering couture, boho, and elegant styles that rival even De La Renta designs. Our favorites are here: NatalyBridalBoutique

wedding dresses-bridal fashion-wedding style- NatalyBridalBoutique-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia

wedding dresses-bridal fashion-wedding style- NatalyBridalBoutique-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia

Build Your Dress by Anomalie
“Here are some of our stylists’ favorite dress elements! 
Our expert stylist team is ready to give recommendations, 
answer questions and help to perfect your dream dress. 
We can’t wait to work with you.”
- Joecel, stylist manager
For brides who just can’t find what they’re looking for online or in stores, Anomalie gives you a way to resolve your worries. Anomalie builds your dream dress from scratch, allowing you to pick everything from your price to your fabric, your silhouette to your veil. Anomalie brides dazzle in personalized and unique designs that radiate personality and creativity without costing an arm and a leg, so definitely keep them in mind as an alternative to online or in-person wedding dress shopping.

The Future of Wedding Dresses: Finding Your Dream Dress Online
Final thoughts
Wedding dress shopping is no longer limited to the bridal salon. Brides can turn to the internet for fast and thorough solutions to all their wedding woes, including finding the perfect bridal gown. From Amazon to Anomalie, you are sure to find an online retailer that will address all your needs and create a memorable and sentimental luxury wedding dress experience.


  1. Oh wow, what great options to find the dress of your dreams! I am really loving the short ones for a bit of breaking away from tradition. Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.


    1. They are all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and stopping visiting.

  2. Love these picks! Beautiful dresses!

    1. Thank you. Thanks for sharing and visiting.


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