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How to Start Your Wedding Registry Search


Your wedding is still weeks away but now you need to figure out where to have your registry. Before you decide where you'll register, figure out what you really want. When shopping around, ask questions, and take notes. Researching where to have the registry is just as important as where to have the reception. Here are a few good questions to ask when visiting a potential store.

In this post, you will get ideas on:


1. What range of products does the registry carry?

The store should be a major retailer with several brands in stock and similar products. Williams - Sonoma or Macy’s would be good examples of stores with a large inventory of products and big-name brands. If the consultant doesn’t specifically mention a brand you like, then you can ask if they carry it.

2.  Can gifts be shipped to an address you supply? 

You will want to know if you can have your items shipped to another address, or does it have to be within the same area? If your ceremony will take place in a town other than where you reside this could be a pro or a con.

3. Is your registry accessible online? 

An important fact to know is if your guests can order and make purchases online? You may have friends and family who prefer the convenience of shopping online and it’s nice to know that they can receive a registry list by email and make their purchases using a credit or debit card.

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4. How does the store keep track of what's purchased? 

Does the store update the list when items are purchased, and how often is this done? You don’t want guests to purchase duplicate gifts, it should update instantly as soon as the items are purchased. You should be able to get an updated list of what items are left.

5. Will the person you're talking to be your store contact throughout the process? 

You should know the name of the person in charge of the registry and will it be the same person each time? It is easier to work with just one person who knows all the details rather than talking to several people. It can get very frustrating to keep repeating things over and over.

6.  What's the return policy? 

The return policy is a big one. Do they allow you to return duplicate gifts for store credit and how long do you have to make exchanges? Do you need to have the receipt for returns or will they already have a copy? Under normal circumstances, most stores allow you 15 - 30 days to make any exchanges or returns.

7. Is there a completion program  

Do you get credit for the items left on your list that didn’t get purchased or can you purchase them at a discount? Some stores allow you to do this; it depends on what their policy is for this.

8. How long after your wedding is your list kept active?

How long will your registry list be active? How long do friends and family have to make purchases from your list? This should be at least 12 months. You may have people who couldn’t attend the wedding but still want to send a gift. They should allow you plenty of time for late purchases. 

How to Start Your Wedding Registry Search
Final thought
Asking questions is a great way to research the stores where you want to set up your wedding registry. Knowing the answers to these questions can help in the decision-making process. If the store doesn’t have what you want or is very strict with policies you may want to go elsewhere. If the store wants your business they should be willing to negotiate on some things.

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