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The Ultimate 5 Reasons To Plan A First Look

Having a First Look Before the Wedding is a Good Idea

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In the old days, it was considered bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. But in modern times, this tradition is one that you can break to begin a better one of your own. There are several reasons why this tradition should be changed. Discover why having a first look before the wedding is actually a good idea.

The 5 Reasons To Plan That First Look

1. A Private Moment for You Both
A first look extends you a little time to be just the two of you and share some private time. On your actual wedding day, you will be busy greeting guests and checking on preparations that there will be very little time to check in with your partner to see how they are feeling. This way it gives you a little time to spend together all alone.

2. Make the Moment Last Longer
Most couples say that once the day comes, everything goes so fast they wish they could slow it down to enjoy every second a little longer. This extra time is just for you as a couple to share an intimate moment without the ticking clock of schedules and timelines.

3. Calm Jittery Nerves

Consider doing a first look to calm both your nerves - wedding planning services in Philadelphia PA - Philadelphia on the day coordinator wedding - wedding ideas blog - blog by K'Mich
With so much to do, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed. What better way to calm your nerves and make sure that everything will be perfect than to give it a test drive? Plus, that first moment you lock eyes will be magical. It will reaffirm to both of you that being together is the best thing in the world. You can arrange to have your wedding photos taken during this time when things are a little more relaxed and comfortable. 

4. Free Up Time in Your Wedding Timeline
As mentioned above, if you have your wedding photos done during your first look it will free up some extra time in your timeline for other things. Your timeline will be extremely busy with things to do and you will welcome a few minutes to catch your breath. Are you about to make these timeline mistakes?

5. Start a New Tradition
Breaking an old tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding can feel pretty good. The royals did their own thing when they were getting married. He stepped away from a years-old royal tradition that's unheard of; he wore a wedding band for the first time. I guess the royal grandmum wasn't too pleased with that. And, Meghan walked down the aisle solo and made a speech, codos to both on doing things differently. 


What do you think about having a first look? Do you agree or disagree? Leave your opinions in the comment section below and tell us why you agree or disagree with the topic. Check out the rest of our blog for more wedding planning ideas and you can also follow us on Pinterest.

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  1. Some great tips and especially the private moment, it is so easy to forget and the day goes so fast :) Thank you for sharing at us at Fiesta Friday!

    1. Yes, it sure does go fast. Thanks for stopping by. Fiesta Friday!

  2. Well, I'm going to pass this on to my friend of 40 yrs. because she's getting married and for the first time she's wearing the full bridal outfit. Woo Hoo for her & I'm standing up. Wow, talk about $$$. Well all I can say is thanks for sharing I'm sure she'll love it!

    1. Great. Tell her congrats on her upcoming nuptials. Hope she finds it useful. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. So, I've given your link to a good friend who's getting married this upcoming summer. She'll love looking at your link. Thank you.

  4. I am all for starting new traditions as the old ones can be so outdated and not really applicable in the modern world. Thanks for sharing these great tips and linking up with me.




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