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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Always DIY

Homegrown Nuptials Could Cost Time and Money 

While many aspects of wedding planning can take place months in advance the most important parts of  your wedding day - bride and groom shaping their hands in the love shape - Wedding blog - wedding planners - Weddings by K'Mich - Philadelphia PA
In this Article:
1. Catering (Kitchen Capers)
2. Floral Design (Flowers Take Time)
3. Photography (Ready for Your Close-Up)
4. Entertainment (It’s Party Time)
5. Venue (Bugs in the Backyard)
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While many aspects of wedding planning can take place months in advance, the most important parts of your wedding day can only take place on the big day. For a stress-free and enjoyable once-in-a-lifetime wedding day, allow wedding professionals who accomplish this daily to assist in your success.

DIY Wedding Planning: Things You Should Never DO

1. Catering (Kitchen Capers)

Yes, catering! Preparing to feed 50 or more of your closest friends and family may turn out to be more expensive than hiring a caterer. Caterers buy their ingredients wholesale and in bulk while your only option is the marked-up prices at the grocery store. Plus, caterers have industrial-sized equipment and large workspaces allowing them to prepare food more efficiently and effectively. You don’t want the stress of turning your kitchen upside down when it will take several times longer to do what a caterer can do. 

DIY wedding planning can turn disastrous when it comes to food. Let your guests know how important this day is by leaving the menu to the professionals – you don’t want “hangry” guests!
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Yes, catering! Preparing to feed 50 or more of your closet friends and family may turn out to be more expensive - guests helping themselves with food on a table - Wedding blog - wedding planners - Weddings by K'Mich - Philadelphia PA

2. Floral Design (Flowers Take Time)

The magical and special aspect of flowers is they are fleeting. They only bloom certain times of the year and only bloom in the sun. And if you cut them, they will soon die. And we don’t want dead flowers at a wedding. It’s best to leave the floral arrangements, especially the bouquet, to the professionals. When brides try to DIY the wedding flowers, the time-sensitive nature of flowers forces the bride and her bridesmaids to tie bows and create arrangements in those short pre-wedding hours when they should be sipping champagne while having their hair and makeup done.

3. Photography (Ready for Your Close-Up)

Yes, everyone carries a camera in their pocket, and we think nothing of taking pics and posting them. But for your wedding day, a professional photographer is not only a technical master but also an artist in the truest sense. Unlike social media pics, a professional photographer has an eye for the shot and the editing tools to bring photos to their greatest potential. Plus, a professional photographer is adept at lighting, which can be useful in the various locations of the wedding shoot. And a professional photographer’s camera itself takes higher quality photos than our phone cameras. The difference is stunning, especially when zoomed in on the bride’s face. A professional wedding photographer is experienced at managing groups and coordinating wedding guests to make for a perfect family photo.  Related:(previous post) Questions to ask Photographer + Videographer

Yes, everyone carries a camera in their pocket and we think nothing of taking pics and posting them - couples celebrating hands held high after ceremony - Wedding blog - wedding planners - Weddings by K'Mich - Philadelphia PA

4. Entertainment (It’s Party Time)

Don’t leave everyone’s favorite part of your wedding up to an iTunes list on your phone. Your wedding guests will expect music and dancing, and the right entertainment knows how to work your wedding crowd, bringing grandma and the ring bearer out on the dance floor.
Your wedding entertainment, whether it be a DJ or band, provides the sound system, the library of music, and the little jokes everyone loves making at a wedding. Make your first wedding dance memorable with your professional entertainment serving as master of ceremonies.
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5. Venue (Bugs in the Backyard)

While it may sound quaint to get married at home, the logistics of a wedding requires not just manpower but also a lot of equipment. Wedding venues are designed to accommodate not only 50 or more guests, but also the caterer, the florist, and the entertainment. Often times event venues provide the tables and chairs or provide driveways and ramps for use by party rental trucks. They also provide parking. Attempting to DIY a wedding venue could result in a big truck or two in your driveway welcoming your guests, a long line for the bathroom, and a family of mosquitoes showing up just in time for the music.
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Yes, it is tempting to DIY your wedding to save up for your future with your to-be-husband, but there are some aspects of wedding planning that is close to impossible to pull off by yourself. Invest in your wedding day by recruiting your wedding planning team. 

A happy bride makes a happy wedding. So, outsource the time, the effort, and the stress of wedding day preparations. From flowers to food, wedding planning can be effortless with the help of professionals.

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Buffet with white plates stacked and food displayed - Wedding blog - wedding planners - Weddings by K'Mich - Philadelphia PA


  1. My brother's wedding back in the 80s was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable I've attended. It was in our back yard, I was the photographer (real camera, of course), the bride's family provided the videographer. 35 people, and my parents cooked everything but the cake. The only non-DIY things were the cake and the flowers. No one missed the music. But yes, the larger the wedding, the more you want to hire out others to attend to certain things.

    1. Congrats on your wedding. And, you are so right. The larger your guest count, you really should bring in a professional to help with planning. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  2. I agree that some things should be done by others so you can enjoy your special day. While we did a casual backyard wedding, we still paid a photographer and a florist. And while we didn't make our own food, we had a pot luck wedding...in lieu of gifts, guests brought food and beverages. And everyone had the greatest time ever!


    1. Love that idea - B.A.D/BYOF, hashtag #potluck. Great idea. Love that you got your guests involved in your wedding. Congrats! Thanks for visiting www.shelbeeontheedge.com

  3. You bring up some very good points, if nothing else it should give people ideas to consider! Thanks for sharing with us at Fiesta Friday!


    1. Thank you. We try to create posts we think brides and grooms can use or relate to while planning their wedding. Thanks for visiting, Mollie! #FiestaFriday


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