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13 Real Questions To Ask Your Photographer & Videographer

Many brides and grooms that their wedding was over before they knew it - wedding planning tips - wedding photographer - wedding videographer - wedding ideas blog by K'Mich in Philadelphia PA

The Wedding Vendors' Questions

Many brides and grooms say that their wedding was over before they knew it, and they feel like they missed a lot of what went on. Video technology today makes it possible for weddings to be filmed quite unobtrusively. They’ll preserve your memories better than anything else you purchase for the big event. 

Since photographers and videographers work together quite closely, you probably want to hire these professionals at about the same time. And because the photographer you choose is going to capture your day minute by minute, you will want to feel comfortable with this person. You may ask your photographer, (whom you should hire first) for a referral.

So, if you are going to splurge on anything for your wedding, you should splurge on the pictures...cause you don’t want to miss any moment of your wedding day! When to start shopping around for a photographer/videographer

Now let’s see those questions:

Top 13 Real Questions You Need to Ask:

Questions for the Photographer

1. What’s the photographer’s primary style - traditional posed shots and portraits or photojournalism? (Ask to see their work to know the real answer to this question)

2. What’s his or her philosophy about shooting weddings? (This will give you an idea of the person’s expertise and passion for his or her work, too.)

3. Does the photographer shoot in color, black & white or both?

4. Will the photographer you talk to be the one taking the pictures at your wedding? (This is crucial! Each photographer’s style is his or her own. This question applies to the videographer, also)

5. Is his or her open to a list of must-have photos (the people whom you definitely want shots of.)

6. Does the photographer develop his or her own film? How long does he or she keep the negatives? Can you buy your negatives from the photographer

7. Has the photographer done many weddings? (A photographer who doesn't specialize in weddings is a risk. You want someone who is experienced with how a wedding works so that key moments are not missed!)

Questions for the Videographer

1. What’s the videographer’s style- artsy, documentary, or direct (doing interviews with guests)? Does this vibe with what you want.

2. Has the videographer done many weddings; how many? What’s his or her approach when it comes to taping a wedding? (This clues you into experience and philosophy. You want someone who’s experienced with how a wedding works so that key moments are not missed.)

3. How many other weddings is the videographer doing on your wedding day or weekend? (Make sure there are no time constraints. This question applies to the photographer, too)

4. How obtrusive are the shooting style and the crew? How bright are the lights they use? (If shooting requires the room lights to be on all evening, much of the romance will be lost)

5. What kind, how many, and how new are the cameras, tapes, and microphones the videographer uses? (Can you get a DVD instead of a video?)

6. Has the videographer worked with your photographer before? How does he or she coordinate with a wedding photographer? (This is really important!)

13 Real Questions To Ask Your Photographer & Videographer
Final Thoughts
Remember, always ask about pricing and packages; get a current price list, if possible. See our wedding cluster boards for more ideas!
If you still have pressing questions for wedding coordinator, schedule a FREE 30-min phone consult with us.

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