"Every wedding has a story to share... So, how are you going to share your story so that your invited guests and friends will remember?"

Questions To Ask Stationers 10

What 10 Questions to Ask Stationers?

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Remember, your invitation starts telling your story. It is the window to what’s in store for your celebration. Your wedding invitation, should entice, pique your guests’ curiosity and make them wonder.., and make them look forward to your celebration. So, this is where you should do your due diligence, get familiar with different types of fonts, see which will share your story, match your styles, theme, and color palette. When to shop for your wedding invites
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What are the 10 questions to ask a Stationer

1. Is there a style or type of invitations the store specializes in (traditional styles, theme invitations)?

2. Are there sample books to browse through? (This will give you a great idea of whether the stationer’s work jibes with what you want.)

3. Does the stationer do custom designs? What about calligraphy? (If there’s no in-house calligrapher, they may be able to refer you.) 

4. Does the store have a sample wording guide for you to use to word your invitations? (This is helpful, especially if you’re concerned about proper etiquette or have divorced parents, which can make wording complicated.)

5. Once you place your order, will you be able to see a proof (what the invitations will look like) before the actual invitations are ready?

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6. How long after you place an order will your invitations come in?

7. What happens if there’s an error on the order?

8. Can you be assured that the stationer will have your invitations printed exactly as you order them (for example, he or she will not change the wording to reflect his or her understanding of rules of etiquette)?

9. How are invitations priced? Will you get a discount if you purchase other wedding stationery at the same time? Can you get a printed price sheet?

10. Does the stationer sell other personalized wedding accessories (matchbooks, champagne flutes, napkins, guest books)?

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