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Bridesmaids Dress Shopping - Part I (Cont'd) - Finding Complementary Colors

The Ultimate Bridesmaids dress breakdown

In our last post, we left off at ' A guide to color' so it's appropriate to pick up with 'Finding complementary colors'. These colors are opposite of the primary colors. See chart for color matching:

K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - The Ultimate dress breakdown
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Finding complementary colors

Think about choosing a color that goes well with a variety of skin tones. Stonewashed colors, like blush, greige (a combination of gray and beige) and sand are universally flattering and right on-trend. Jewel tones (think: amethyst, emerald, and sapphire) complement fair complexions, while bright, bolder hues, like cobalt blue and hot pink, pop against darker skin. 

Try flattering metallic, like silver, bronze, and champagne. If you're opting for a print, make sure the dominant color work with your entire bridal party.

Picking the right Palette

Going for a mismatched look or colorful print but unsure which colors go together? Here's what to pair with these on-trend hues: 

Blush- Works with a wide range of colors and is feminine without being too frilly. A jolt of black adds a classic touch to blush while cream or sage green feel perfectly soft and feminine

Dark Blue- This versatile hue works for both casual and formal affairs. Ivory, gray and even copper all complement this classic hue

Lilac- Combo of purple and pink, lilac has natural rustic associations. Play up its floral roots with shades of green (try grass or hunter) and rich chocolate brown.

Gray- Soft and sophisticated muted color. For a formal winter wedding, mix in glittery metallics, like silver or pewter. Try cooler blues or navy for a beach affair

Watch for more on dress breakdown.

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Post date: 5/25/17
Update: 12/23/18 | Updated 9/8/2021

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