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Bridesmaids Dress Shopping - Part II (Cont'd) - A guide to Color

The Ultimate dress breakdown - A Guide to Color

Post date: 5/24/`17
Updated: 12/23/18
We left off at 'shop accordingly' in our last post. Here are more tips on what to do when dress shopping.

Stick to a schedule

To ensure your bridal party matches your style, order your gown before making any decisions about the bridesmaid's dresses.

Ordering etiquette

It takes two or three months for orders to arrive and four to six weeks for alterations. A six-month cushion will give you and your friends ample time to find, order and fit the dresses.

Find the right fit

A bridesmaids dress is typically ordered using a person's biggest measurements, so your friends will likely buy dresses at least a size larger than they normally wear. If a friend wants to buy a size smaller, let her know it's much easier to alter a bigger dress, and if the dress ends up being too small, she'll likely have to order a new one and you'd hate for that to happen.

A guide to color- selecting a dress shade

There are several foolproof easy ways to pick the perfect color. One of the easiest methods is to play off of the color schemes of the venue and the season. For instance, if your wedding will be held at a rustic vineyard with the burgundy decor, you'll probably want to rule out bright yellow dresses. 

Rich colors- marsala and emerald- work well into the fall and winter months, while light shades, like mint and lavender, are perfect for spring and summer. 

If you're still at a loss for exactly which hue to choose, go for a general color, like green, let your bridesmaids pick their favorite shades from light to dark for a trendy mismatched look.

Watch for more on dress breakdown.

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