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How To Plan Your Wedding On a Budget

The Ultimate Wedding Budget Guide

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Posted: 9/5/2017
Updated: 1/29/2019

Traditionally, the bride's family pay for the costs of a wedding while the groom would incur the expense of the honeymoon.

These days it is not uncommon to find many couples paying for their own wedding from their own funds. However, you don't have to spend a fortune or go into debt to have a beautiful wedding.
You should determine the amount of your budget and stick to it. Keep track of all your expenses and receipts in a folder or binder so that you can stay organized and accurately keep track of where your money is going. (Do you know where your money is going?) Here are some helpful tips to help you stay within your wedding budget.
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Help Me Plan My Wedding

#1. 4 Tips to choosing your Wedding Dress

K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - white low cut back dress - ceremony dress idea
  • Avoid overly elaborate dresses because they will be more expensive. 
  • Choose a floor sample dress and just have it dry-cleaned if necessary. 
  • Look for your dress during prom and homecoming or consider wearing a bridesmaid dress. You can find a beautiful white or cream colored dress during that would be perfect for a wedding at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding dress. 
  • Look at consignment shops and the classified ads. Wedding dresses are generally only worn once so you can get a gently used dress at a huge cost saving.
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#2. 3 Tips for planning your Reception

  • Keep the number of guests down. You and your groom should look at the first draft of the guest list and carefully consider who can be taken off the list.
  • Have a cash bar instead of an open bar. Or you can also just provide wine and beer to keep the costs down. 
  • Hold the ceremony and reception in the same location. You will be able to cut the cost of the location for the ceremony, decorations, and transportation to the reception site.
#3. 2 Tips for buying Flowers
K'MIch Weddings - wedding planning - whole sale flowers - succulents and flowers
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - bulk flowers
  • Purchase your flowers wholesale and just pay for the labor of a professional florist to arrange them.
  • Arrange the flowers yourself. A bouquet made of roses or succulents with a little eucalyptus filler and tied with a ribbon makes a stunning bouquet and you do not need to be a professional to put this together.
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#4. 2 Tips for Photography

wedding planning - disposable camera
  • Find a photographer with reasonable hourly rates and pay only for the time to do your formal poses. You can then designate friends or family to take the candid shots throughout the rest of the reception.
  • Place disposable cameras on each table with a note asking guests to take pictures to help you capture memories. Also, this can be your wedding gift/favor to them!

#5. The Invitations

K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - wedding invitation - paperlesspostSK'Mich Weddngs - wedding planning- wedding invitations - paperlesspost

  • Print your own invitations using your home computer. Visit your local arts and crafts store or search online and purchase a do-it-yourself invitation kit. Or check out Paperless Post for great ideas! You can send all your invites via email and save money while at it.

#6. Miscellaneous
  • Make your own wedding favors. Wrap up Jordan almonds or other candies in lace and tie with ribbon pre-printed with your names and wedding date. (Tip - comfort/favorite food. It does not have to be food. It can be your favorite candies, nuts, cookies, etc.) 
  • Keep the number of chosen bridesmaids and groomsmen to a minimum or choose not to have them at all. This will keep the rehearsal dinner cost down as well as eliminate the need to buy groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts. 
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