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How to Know Whether or Not You Are Ready to Get Engaged

Getting engaged is one of the most joyful and happiest moments you will experience in your life - engagement tips - man with teddy bear and camera - Wedding blog - Weddings by K'Mich - Wedding planners - Philadelphia PA

13 Signs Letting You Know That You Are Ready To Get Engaged

Getting engaged is one of the most joyful and happiest moments you will experience in your life. It’s a time to celebrate the fact that you found your ideal partner! Many of you will feel quite a bit of pressure from the outside world as your relationship reach a certain point, leaving you feeling like you must rush to do this. Yea, you’ve been dating for a few years and possibly living together for a few more, you might think it’s time for you to start this third and life-changing chapter in your book.

Are You Pressured to Get Married?

With all the noise from your families, and maybe a few of your friends, who may be asking “when are you getting engaged?” or “when are you going to get married and give me some grandbabies?” Or, you may have friends around you who are already married with babies and you think it’s time for you to do the same. These questions may even have you asking yourself “is engagement on my horizon?”

The decision, however, to get engaged/married should never be subliminally inspired by outside pressures. Your decisions should be made based on how you feel about each other... It should be out of a shared desire of wanting to be together and creating a life that you both will enjoy. So, before making that move, it’s best to step back and do some deep soul searching to see if this is the move you should make.

We created a checklist that can you use as a marker to decide whether this is the right time for you to get engaged.

What are your telltale signs?

How often do you really talk to each other? Engagement tips - woman hugging teddy bear - Wedding blog -  Weddings by K'Mich - Wedding planners - Philadelphia PA

How often do you really talk to each other? Not passing a message or asking a question… really having a heart to heart.

How are you at dealing with each other in the same space?

Do you feel seen or heard for who you are in the relationship?

4. LOVE 
Do you really love this person? Considering their flaws and quirks, as well as their strengths.

Do you have compatible goals for work, fun, family? 
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Are you willing to try new things to improve the relationship? Are you willing to compromise and see what’s important?

Are you willing to accept that relationships take time and work? Are you willing to work at the relationship through inevitable rough patches?


Are you completely honest and transparent?

Do you both follow through with what you say?

Do you share a deep friendship and kinship?

Would you do anything for the other?

How available are you for each other? Are you really there for each other?


What are your life’s goals? Do you both share the same views? Are you willing to meet in the middle?

Most of the questions in the checklist are yes or no and hopefully, you answered yes to all of them. If you did not, do not fret, do not make any hasty decisions and end the relationship. The checklist is intended to give you some things to think about as all the questions are very important to a strong and healthy relationship. The pillars listed above will be tested in every marriage, but a strong foundation early on is the key to success.

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