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The Ultimate Boutonniere Ideas For The Groom

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7+ Boutonniere Alternative ideas For The Groom 

“Two Souls but a single thought, 
Two hearts that beat as one.” - John Keats

The famous poet penned these beautiful words about the connection between bride and groom many years ago, and they continue to ring true today, The groom and bride are partners, joined in so many ways both in love and in physical reminders throughout the wedding! Everything from their rings to their matching flowers is designed to symbolize the connection between the two. However, your groom can still show off some of his own personality with the ultimate boutonniere that connects him to his passions and to his spouse to be!

So, keep them engaged…Let them have fun by getting involved with the planning and choosing the type of boutonniere they want to wear. Let their personalities shine throughout the wedding with yours. Whatever their likes are (cards, tech-geek, instruments, just to name a three) let it be part of the wedding theme.

For example, instead of having the traditional boutonniere flowers, have it reflect his taste, style/personality. If he likes sports have his boutonniere show just that. Whether it's golf, football, soccer, baseball, etc., let them have fun with their desired pick; you can always add the chosen wedding color to his boutonniere. So, check out these crazy and unique ideas!

1. Beer Cap Boutonniere
Pop open a cold one! If your groomsmen are beer connoisseurs, consider decorating each boutonniere with their preferred beer cap. It gives a personal touch to their wedding look.

wedding ideas - boutonniere ideas - beer cap with wheat - wedding services in Philadelphia PA. - inspiration by K'Mich - wedding ideas blog
Fritts Rose Now
 2. Mini Computer Boutonniere
This is the perfect boutonniere for the tech-savvy guy. Each little computer comes with its own matching black phone and is ready to look really smart on your lapel.

wedding ideas - boutonniere ideas - mini computer - wedding services in Philadelphia PA. - inspiration by K'Mich - wedding ideas blog
Fritts Rose Now
3. Golf Tree Boutonniere
If you look closely, you’ll spot the golf tree behind the cluster of hops. This boutonniere combination is ideal for a man who loves golf and beer!
 4. Fishing Lure Boutonniere
A nod to the groom’s love for fly fishing, a decorative lure was used in place of a boutonniere!
wedding ideas - boutonniere ideas - fishing lure - wedding services in Philadelphia PA. - inspiration by K'Mich - wedding ideas blog
5. Baseball Rose Boutonniere
If you don’t want to sacrifice the elegant look of a boutonniere, a rose made out of his favorite sports ball is a great option.
wedding ideas - boutonniere ideas - baseball rose - wedding services in Philadelphia PA. - inspiration by K'Mich - wedding ideas blog
6. Card Shark Boutonniere
Doyle Brunson eat your heart out. This playing card boutonnière is perfect for "the Texas hold'em" guy!
wedding ideas - boutonniere ideas - card shark - wedding services in Philadelphia PA. - inspiration by K'Mich - wedding ideas blog
Fritts Rose Now
7. Ski Bum Boutonniere
2 skis, 2 poles = the perfect skiing boutonniere.
wedding ideas - boutonniere ideas - ski bum- wedding services in Philadelphia PA. - inspiration by K'Mich - wedding ideas blog
                                  Fritts Rose Now
8. The Hunter’s Boutonniere
Does your groom-to-be come from a family of hunters? Wrap some seasonal flowers or plants in a shotgun shell for this sentimental ode to your groom’s favorite hobbies. The coloring and metal will also add a nice touch of texture and elegance to your boutonniere!

9. Metal Masterpiece Boutonniere
This would be a beautiful boutonniere choice for a welder, artist, or metal worker looking for a way to incorporate their interests and passions into their design. Elegantly wrapped metal wire and accents bring the best of both worlds into your floral design for your big day!


10. Vintage Key Boutonniere
Is your loved one the key to your heart? Maybe you’re a vintages dealer or an antiques collector. Either way, including a vintage key as an accent in your boutonniere is a fun and creative touch!


11. A Gambling Boutonniere
Do you feel lucky? Consider incorporating these pretty dice into your boutonniere. You can set them at any combination you want to help yourself feel extra lucky as you head into your big day!

12. The Ocean Boutonniere
For water and beach lovers, this seashell inspired boutonniere is a beautiful homage to your favorite sentimental location. With big sand dollars and elegant shells, this is truly an ocean statement and a beautiful accessory on your big day.

13. Rock n Roll Boutonniere
Music and guitar lovers can rest easy with this stylized guitar boutonniere resting nicely on their lapel. Whether hard rock, gentle folk, or anything in between, you can pick your dream guitar style and turn it into the perfect accessory with ease. 

Guitar boutonniere idea-boutonniere alternatives-wedding ideas-wedding theme-Weddings by K'Mich

14. Special Message Boutonnieres
Who says your boutonniere can’t also share a special message with your loved one? Use blocks and letter designs to send a special message to all who see it, or carry a sentimental memory with you down the aisle and for many years to come.

Scrabble boutonniere idea-boutonniere alternatives-wedding ideas-wedding theme-Weddings by K'Mich

15. Super Heroes Boutonniere
Do you want to carry your comic book heroes down the aisle with you as well? You can talk small superhero figurines into your boutonniere for a personal and quirky touch that brings your unique personality to life on your big day.


16. Bird’s Nest Boutonniere
Nature lovers or bird lovers will surely fall hard for this bird’s nest boutonniere. The unique piece of art can represent a beautiful memory or a fun hobby, making this a nice personal touch to carry down the aisle.

The Ultimate Boutonniere Ideas For The Groom
Final thoughts
Finding the perfect creative boutonniere is a great way to allow your groom to put his own touch on your big day while still staying connected to you. Whether you’re incorporating lifelong hobbies or certain artistic preferences, this list of creative and ultimate boutonniere ideas can help guide you towards the perfect choice! No matter what, you will still feel connected to your loved one and to your favorite activities as well, making the ultimate boutonniere choice feel even more natural and special!

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Boutonniere Alternatives-wedding ideas - wedding services in Philadelphia PA - wedding inspiration by K'Mich - boutonniere ideas

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