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Baldwin gets Justin Bieber his own Engagement Ring?!

 Guys, Would You Wear An Engagement Ring?!

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What's your thoughts on this? Your fiance want's to express her undying love for you so that the world can see.

She reciprocates the gesture by getting you a ring of your choosing... So guys, would you accept an engagement ring from your fiance? Would you say no and hurt her feelings? Or would say yes just to save face?

One couple expressed their love for each other by doing this:

"Hailey Baldwin has decided to reciprocate her fiance Justin Bieber's gesture of love by getting him his own engagement ring.

The duo got engaged while on vacation in Baker's Bay, and Justin had surprised her with a 7-carat cut diamond engagement ring.

According to The Blast, after returning from vacation, the pair returned to where Justin had bought the ring. Pristine Jewelers and Hailey got him one for himself."

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