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The Groom's Guide - Tuxedo vs. Suits

What Should I Wear on My Wedding Day?

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In our last post, we discussed the 5 tips for tuxedo shopping. In this post, we are going to explain the difference between a tuxedo and a suit, so guys listen up! Hopefully, this will help you decide on which is more your style, taste, personality, and bring out your natural swagger! Here goes -

Tuxedos are more formal than suits. They are the suit’s older and more sophisticated cousin. While you may already be aware of this, you may not know exactly what distinguishes the two from each other.

Sure you know how to dress to impress, but on your wedding day, it's so much more than simply putting on a tuxedo or a suit and showing up; your "A" game is needed for this event!

Here’s the breakdown:

Tuxedo will either have a satin lapel or satin edge on the lapel. Depending on the pant color, it will also have a stripe that runs down the pant leg. The suit will not. (see below). They are traditionally worn with bow-ties and a shirt with a wing-tip and black patent oxford shoes. 
wedding planning - diagram of jacketswedding planning - tuxedo pants

Tuxedos Styles- From left to right
1. Single breasted with peak lapels | 2. Double breasted with peak lapels | 3. Single breasted with notch lapels | 4. Single breasted with shawl collar | 5. Double breasted with shawl collar | 6. White dinner jacket. Tuxedo pants with pinstripe along the side of the pants

Suits can be a tricky purchase. There are so many different cuts, styles and if you don't know your build, it makes it more difficult to make a decision. Suits are usually worn with neckties and a regular spread shirt, and the shoes are endless to wear with them- loafers, slippers, oxfords. 
wedding planning -slim fit
wedding planning - suits skinny fit

Tuxedo or Suit Shopping

So the question. Should you wear a tuxedo or a suit for your wedding? Only you can answer that question... Who says you have to follow the traditional dress code on this?! 

You are your own person (no two people think alike). Feel what's calling you - it could be a suit (skinny, slim, casual with a pair of loafers or slippers) or maybe a tuxedo (single/ double-breasted with peak lapel or shawl collar with a pair of patent oxfords shoes)

Whatever it might be, settle on a look that you know will compliment her dress, your physique, your personality, your taste, your style, and enhance the swagger you naturally have... That's why she said "Yes" when you popped the question, right.

For more help with choosing your style, visit the Men's Warehouse in Plymouth Meeting and ask for Angela; she will gladly help you with making your selection!
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  1. Need to share with my hubby. He is in need of a suit and sometimes it is difficult to decide. Thanks for sharing!

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