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Groom's Guide to Tuxedo Shopping

5 Formal Attire Shopping Tips

While brides and her bridesmaids seek high and low for the perfect dress, grooms and his groomsmen are doing the same and not with as much help as brides would have. So, we decided to do a few posts to help guide you through the wedding process.

1. Do your research 
No two formalwear stores are alike. So, as we advise our brides-to-be, always do your research before going suit shopping. Knowing your style, your budget, color, and your size will help determine what style is in your budget and what will enhance your physique. Also, check out reviews on different stores and physically visit more than one before making any decisions. This will give you the opportunity to see the store's selections, as well as seeing how the consultant interacts with you.

2. Start Early
Grooms, you may not need to put as much effort or time in choosing your formalwear, but that does mean you should wait until or close to the last minute to make arrangements. Starting early will allow for plenty of time to do your homework and schedule in-person consultations if needed. (See Groom's Checklist)

3. Get Tailored
Once you settled on your style/look, your consultant should know how to properly measure you (see chart above- inseam, waist, jacket size, etc.). Remind your groomsmen to get their measurement ahead of time, too. This ensures all tuxedos arrive at the same time.

4. Accessorized Accordingly
Let your personality shine here (include your groomsmen and best-man in this). Your boutonniere, cufflinks, square pockets (optional) can reflex your likes (sports, outdoor, tech, etc.) Check out our Boutonniere ideas here. If you do decide to choose something unique, tailor it according to your wedding style/theme.

5. The Details

Don't forget to relay all costs to your groomsmen and read through the entire client agreement (including the fine print) before making any commitments. Take note of pricing, pickup and drop off time and any hidden fees

Whether you choose a suit/tuxedo or square pocket or unique boutonniere, make sure it's a style that fits your physique, personality and swagger. After all, you want to look just as good as your bride!

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