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Bridal Makeup Tips to Keep in Mind

Bridal Makeup Tips to Keep in Mind-DIY skincare-wedding day-bridal skincare-makeup tips-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA

Top Secret Skincare Tips to Get your Face Glowing for Your Wedding Day and Beyond! 

Achieving a youthful and radiant face like the celebrities we see in magazines and on screen is a desire shared. It's commonly believed that these famous individuals attain their desirable appearance through expensive beauty products and plastic surgery due to their wealth. However, what if there's a more affordable and natural method to get luminous skin?

Before we give you these tips, your diet plays a part in how you look, feel, and carry yourself daily.

Also, a poor diet is a contributing factor in causing chronic skin conditions such as cystic acne, prolonged acne, dark spots, and early signs of wrinkles; this is what Michelle at Concept Studios says you need to start doing

Relating to Bridal Beauty: The Ultimate Skincare Routine You Should Start Doing Before Your Wedding Day

Bridal Makeup Tips to Keep in Mind-DIY skincare-wedding day-bridal skincare-makeup tips-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
 1. Prepare your skin - 1 Year Out
Consult a skincare expert to determine your skin type – dry, oily, normal, or in between. This consultant should be able to tell you the type of cleanser your face requires – milk cleanser for dry skin or gel cleanser for oily and normal skin. If you have a problem with your T zone, she/he should be able to advise on products that offer the best solution.   

2. Find the perfect moisturizer 
Hydration is vital to healthy-looking skin and selecting the correct moisturizer is key. Once you settle on your moisturizer, use additional products to give you that bridal glow. Serums help with dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Masks/scrubs can help brighten and tighten skin

3. Determine your bridal look

You should start as early as possible and narrow down a look that complements your face while not becoming overpowering. Also, don’t forget your bridesmaids.  

4. Consult a professional makeup artist 
Talk with a professional on makeup dos and don’ts. Consider the time of day your wedding is going to start – day wedding (light, the subtle transition to evening), evening wedding (medium to smoky). Your makeup can distort your pictures when you look at them later, having the right look will make your pictures turn out great.  

5. Start practicing early 
Continue consulting your skincare consultant and makeup artist for any pressing questions that may arise during this period.  

6. Change your diet (eliminate process food)
Changing your diet will improve your skin tone. Try adding more leafy greens (Kales, Brussel sprouts, Broccoli rabe, Lettuce, Cucumbers); healthy fats (nuts and oils); add more water to your diet, hydrating your insides (your cells) will show on your outside (skin and all over); add fruits (Granny Smith apples, Papaya, Pineapple, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Pomegranate,  and  Lemon /Lime). Eliminate sugars from your diet, the fruits listed above have natural sugars (fructose) that won’t put STRESS on your cells. Unlike Sucrose, this sugar is considered safe for the body. Sucrose vs Fructose vs Glucose

The Top six Bridal Makeup Tips to Keep in Mind
Remember, check out our article on Fish oil and how important it is to your skin.

Do you have a routine in taking care of your skin?  Share in the comment box. 

Skincare tips-bridal beauty-Weddings By K’ Mich  Philadelphia

Updated: October 17, 2021 | September 15, 2022 | July 19, 2023


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