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You are never too big for balloons 

Balloon decors for weddings are an economical way to add a touch of whimsy to your special day; everything from the engagement photos to the reception decor. They can truly transform your wedding day into something spectacular. Wedding balloon ideas using white, metallic, and soft colored balloons (such as blush or peach), add an elegant and romantic flair, while colorful balloons are a little more playful and fun. Balloon engagement shoots have become especially popular for their simple yet delightful quality.

The Unlimted Ways To Incorporate Balloons In Your Wedding

Engagement Photos, Aisle Markers, Wedding Photos, Table Decor, Invitations or Balloon Release! 

Round Balloons

The large round balloons make for awesome wedding photo opportunities for the bride and groom:

Unique Wedding Balloon Decor 

Balloon decorating ideas for weddings have come a long way in the past, with creative ways to display them at the wedding ceremony and reception. For wedding balloon ideas without helium, simply hang them upside down from the ceiling, or place them on the wall to create a backdrop. Helium balloons are great for floating on the ceiling at an indoor reception to liven up space, or tied to the reception tables and chairs.

Balloon Release
A wedding balloon release is a fun alternative to the traditional rice toss for the bride and groom’s send-off:

Balloon Stationery 

You can incorporate balloons into your wedding in other unique ways, too. Consider a wedding balloon guestbook or balloon save-the-date cards:

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