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Unconventional Elegance: Embrace the Woodland Fairytale Wedding Trend


wedding theme-woodland fairytale wedding-twilight inspired-enchanted forest-weddings by KMich-Philadelpia PA

The Twilight Saga Obsession - The Woodland Fairytale Wedding You Want

In this article, you will get ideas for planning a fall wedding:
  1. Invitation tips
  2. Venue tips
  3. How to set the stage - Forest Ambience 
  4. Enchanted Decor tips
  5. Cake and Dessert tips
  6. Cocktail tips
  7. Dress tips
  8. Accessory tips

If you are a fan of the Twilight Saga, you may have dreamed of having a romantic fairytale wedding in an enchanted forest. From the moment Bella and Edward said I do in the magical woodlands of the Pacific Northwest, fans of the series may have been dreaming of their woodland fairytale wedding day. An enchanted forest wedding can be a beautiful and unique way to celebrate your love and commitment to each other.

As you close your eyes, imagine a magical woodland that oozes allure and charm, where the natural beauty blends seamlessly with the romance of your special day. Can you feel the excitement building up? We will highlight tips and tricks to transport you and your guests into a twilight-inspired woodland fairytale wedding. From whimsical dresses, forest-themed cakes, and butterfly accessories to enchanting backdrops and nature-inspired details. We will guide you on a journey to infusing your big day with the charm and enchantment of Bella and Edwards' timeless love. So, get ready to be spellbound as we explore the elements that will make your woodland fairytale wedding a dream come true.

Wondering What a Woodland Fairytale Wedding is?

large book with writing-wedding theme-woodland fairytale wedding-twilight inspired-enchanted forest-weddings by KMich-Philadelpia PA

A woodland fairytale wedding theme is all about embracing nature and the elements. Think natural beauty foliage, towering trees and flowers, rustic wooden accents, and magical lighting that will set the mood for the evening. 

To create a truly enchanting atmosphere, choose a color palette that draws inspiration from the natural world, like muted greens, blues, and grays. Bring the outdoors in by incorporating natural beauty elements like moss, twigs, and stones in the decor.

Eight Ways to Include a Woodland Fairytale Theme in a Wedding

  • The Invitations
For the invitations, choose a design that will give your guests a hint of the magical evening ahead. Use an ethereal woodland theme, a hand-drawn fairy, or a tiny white envelope with a delicate wax seal. To add a bit of magic, sprinkle some glitter or fairy dust. You could also opt for a handcrafted design featuring a tiny fairy or a woodland creature. If you are feeling extra adventurous, consider creating a wreath of twigs or leaves as your invitation, with a beautiful message hidden inside. These are just a few whimsical ways to make your woodland-fairy-themed invitations stand out! 

  •  Venue 
The venue should be a place that captures the essence of a fairytale wedding. A wooded area, beautiful grounds of a historic estate, or a beautiful garden [this could be a private venue such as your backyard] with lush greenery is a perfect setting for a magical wedding.

  • Setting the Stage For the Ceremony and Reception Area - Forest Ambience 
Start by setting the mood for the ceremony site and reception area with atmospheric lighting. Use fairy lights, paper lanterns, and candles to create a dreamy, romantic ambiance. For decor, keep it elegant and use wildflowers, branches adorned with fairy lights, or candles enclosed in an exquisite glass holder scattered to capture the mood. Consider a twilight-inspired backdrop; hang sheer tulle fabric on walls or trees to create a canopy of stars. We cannot forget seating arrangements for your guests. Choose furniture that has a natural, rustic look, like wooden chairs and tables. Place a few outdoor cushions or rugs around for a cozy atmosphere. 

moss-centerpiece box-fern--wedding theme-woodland fairytale wedding-twilight inspired-enchanted forest-weddings by KMich-Philadelpia PA
  • Enchanted Decorations - Rustic Elegance (Flowers & Centerpieces)
Let nature guide you regarding the table settings; use rustic wood centerpieces and incorporate natural elements such as feathers, twigs, and moss. Use tiny vases filled with moss and fresh flowers as the centerpieces. To make your guests feel special, write their names on rustic wooden name tags and place them on their plates. Let's not forget the finishing touches. Include a woodland welcome sign and rustic wood signs pointing guests in the right direction, and include small potted plants as favors. These special touches will make for an unforgettable wedding. 

  • Enchanted Forest Wedding Cake and Desserts
Your wedding cake style completes the woodland fairytale theme; think enchanted design. Whether you choose a simple three-tier or a more elaborate five-tier, your wedding cake should look beautiful and taste delicious; play with different flavors here for a distinctive flavor. Add edible gold or silver leaf, glitter, and even edible pearls. Set up a cake table with a few other woodland-inspired treats like moss fondant mini cupcakes, black macarons, and other sweet treats to complete the look. 

Forest-WeddingCake-Desserts--wedding theme-woodland fairytale wedding-twilight inspired-enchanted forest-weddings by KMich-Philadelpia PA
  • Enchanted Cocktail 
Offer guests enchanted cocktails such as a 'Fairytale Fizz' or a 'Stardust Martini.' Incorporate flavors such as elderflower, blackberry, and lavender. For a magical experience, serve the drinks in glassware adorned with a dusting of edible glitter. Finish off the cocktails with edible flowers, herbs, or sparkling sugar crystals to give them a whimsical touch.

  • The Dress - Floral, Color, or even Black
The wedding dress is the main focus of the woodland theme. To complete the look, choose a dress that is a floral print, a pastel color, or black. For a more whimsical look, choose a dress with a lace bodice and a tulle skirt or a single-shoulder design that goes with the theme. Let's not forget the shoes. Add a pair that complements the dress. Choose shoes you will be comfortable in -  a pair of sneakers HERE or Birkenstock HERE could be the one; you will be on your feet for quite a long time. 

  • The Accessories - Jewelry, Bouquet, Headpiece

Enhance your ensemble with jewelry pieces to make your dress stand out. A necklace and earrings with a rustic feel can be the perfect addition. Add a monarch butterfly HEREflower crown HERE, or a wreath of flower petals to your hair or ribbons. Your bouquet can be wildflowers, monarch butterfly HERE, or foliage with hints of moss. With these items, you will be all set to have an enchanting, fairytale-like wedding.

Eight Ways to Include a Woodland Fairytale Theme in a Wedding

In conclusion, for stress-free wedding planning, work with a wedding coordinator to help you find the right place and vendors who will complete your enchanted fairytale wedding. You want every part of your wedding to be a sweet moment captured by an experienced wedding photographer skilled in motion photography - a form of visual storytelling. This style goes beyond static images to create a sense of movement, capturing a specific moment- from saying your vows to the first kiss to cutting the cake. You will be able to relive your wedding whenever you look at your wedding photos. 

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