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How to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary During COVID


Unless you want to forget your marriage, 

it’s a good idea to remember your anniversary .”

                                         - Melanie White.

The Watford family anniversary accident at which 18 people were fined for breaking the COVID-19 protocols for a wedding anniversary shown everyone how much the lockdown has affected couples in celebrating their anniversary. 

Hence, stuck behind closed doors during the COVID-19, couples are thinking about how they could commemorate their bond. However, while you might not be able to go to your favorite spot or have to cancel your travel plans, there are other ways for you and your spouse to celebrate your anniversary.

11 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

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  1. A creative candlelight dinner: one of the most thoughtful ways for your anniversary is to have a great meal together. You can cook the meal yourselves or have it ordered from your favorite restaurant. Make the moment romantic; dress to impress as if you are going for a real date night. Light your room or space to create a romantic atmosphere. This helps grow your love and get to become one as a couple.
  2. Write a letter: if you or your partner is a good writer and has artistic talent, you can create DIY love cards of your own and write from your heart to your partner. It doesn't have to long, just be true.
  3. Reminisce through videos and pictures: another way to celebrate your anniversary is to look through your pre and post-wedding photos and videos. You can select your favorite photos and videos and make them physical, making the moment more romantic.
  4. Shop for each other's gifts: another awesome way is for each of you to shop for a gift to exchange. You should shop for gifts that will make a mark in your spouse's life.
    paperlesspost.com-anniversary-ideas-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia PA

  5. Have breakfast in bed: surprise your partner with their favorite meal as a breakfast in bed.
  6. Have a movie night: You can set up a projector and a screen anywhere, and set up a fort and watch a movie. Such shared events help grow your love as you share the fun.
  7. Record a message for your spouse: in line with writing a love letter for your spouse, you can also record a video for your spouse. These are things your spouse could hold and cherish for a long time.
  8. Decorate or repaint your space or room: you two can also spend the time redecorating or painting your space. The time you engage in these activities together strengthens your bond. You can even put romantic music in the background while you work.
  9. Play a game: there are various games that you can play with your spouse. For example, card games, write some dates and have some fun.Create DIY love cards
  10. Make customized gifts: you could think of things that you can make yourself and gift to your partner, such as a compilation of your videos together, funny moments together, etc. Making customized gifts can be simple and will go a long way.
  11. Recreate moments in your life: this could throw in some nostalgia and will be good for both of you. Recreate moments such as your first dance, your first meet, etc. Recreating moments will stir up a lot of emotions and remind you both where and how you started and how far you have come.

Final thoughts 
There are various ways to commemorate and celebrate. Couples could feel bad about the lockdown and COVID, but it is also a good thing to be adventurous to try new ways of doing things, which can brighten up your relationship and marriage even more. Your wedding anniversary doesn't have to be lame just because you can't go places or travel.


  1. Great ideas! We can celebrate anyway!

  2. Super creative ideas. There are limitless ways to celebrate your love! Thanks for linking.



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