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Discovering and Going Beyond The Traditional Bouquet IDEAS!

11+ Artful Ways to Carry Your Wedding Bouquet

“Flowers are love’s truest language.” - Park Benjamin -

Weddings are all about love: experiencing true love, sharing in true love, and demonstrating your true love to your family and friends. As Park Benjamin writes, flowers are love’s truest language, so draping bouquets of flowers around your big day is definitely a must. When you’re planning your own big day, having flowers present in many different and creative ways is a great way to signal your love and affection for each other.

In this post, you will get ideas on:

Did you know…

  • Roman brides carried a bundle of dried flowers and herbs to ward off evil on the day of their wedding
  • Greek brides draped themselves in ivy to symbolize never ending love
  • Victorians used “flower language” to write messages or display certain ideas about love and romance into wedding bouquets
  • Rich brides in the Middle Ages often gave away bouquets of especially pungent or sweet smelling flowers as a sign of their high social status

Beyond Tradition - 11+ Updated  Zinger Ways to carry Your Bouquet on Your Wedding Day

Today, bridal bouquets are standard fare for many weddings, a form of decoration and a sacred wedding tradition passed down through the ages. However, you don’t need to feel tied to stereotypical wedding traditions! If you want to put a wedding bouquet into your big day but are struggling to find unique wedding coordination ideas, consider incorporating these eleven plus artful ways to carry an unusual and unforgettable bouquet on your wedding day.

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Updated and Creative Ways to Carry A Wedding Bouquet

1. The Bouquet Bridal Cuff

Popularized by the trendy wedding designer Diann Valentine, brides looking to make a statement can consider creating a bouquet bridal cuff. Drape a small nosegay or a ball of flowers off your wrist with a satin strap or bedecked ribbon for a glamorous and elegant take on the tradition of flower-holding. This updated take actually builds on a long history of hanging nosegays- Tudor England’s brides carried similar bouquets at royal weddings!

2. A Dazzling Trail of Bridal Garland

Much like your veil trails behind you in an elegant and stately way, turn your floral bouquet into a pseudo veil by requesting a long and colorful garland of flowers to drape around your arm or wrist. The trails of flowers and leaves will make a statement and complement any dress or cathedral style veil or train, creating an innovative and unique take on the bridal.

3. Wearable Bouquets

Take your wedding bouquet to the next level by turning it into a wearable piece of art. Thick floral sleeves, garland-style jewelry, or a wearable purse or hoop will all add an exciting and breathtaking element to your wedding outfit. Drape elegant greenery around your arm for the perfect living accessory to accompany you down the aisle or tuck flowers into your hair and sleeves for the perfect homage to glamor and natural beauty.

4. Back Bouquets are the Future

Highlight your frame and the stunning design of your dress with a hanging floral accessory that sits comfortably down your back. The interplay of floral design, textural details, and your hair design will create a jaw-dropping look your photographer just won’t get enough of. Draw attention to little details and turn your wedding look into a near-goddess like display with carefully curated and styled floral details that stun all in attendance.

5. Dress to Impress with Live Flowers

For the boldest of brides, flowers are not just accessories, but a living fabric that can design creative and innovative gowns with unique touches that are simply irreplaceable. Build a bodice out of intertwined vines and floral blooms or add trails of blossoms down your train and veil. Living dresses bring an element of creative wonder to any look and will astonish anyone on the hunt for a totally unique way to incorporate a wedding bouquet.

Bonus:  Discovering MORE Artful Ways for Carrying Your Wedding Bouquets

Discovering and Going Beyond The Traditional Bouquet ideas

Final thoughts
Thinking outside the box when it comes to wedding bouquets can bring some incredible new ideas into your wedding design. Some of our wedding planners’ best tips for planning your own wedding include keeping an open mind to unique ideas because they can often spark inspiration you never knew you had. 
Plan your wedding with K’Mich Events today and create a unique and artful celebration of your love that includes creative floral and event design for the perfect day.


  1. Love these bouquet ideas! The back bouquets are beautiful!

  2. Yes, the back ideas are quite unique and interesting. These are really fun ways to think about carrying your bouquet. No more boring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love how these ideas elevate the bridal bouquet from merely an accessory to an integral part of her overall look.

    1. These are really great ideas for the bride-to-bevwho want to step away from tradition. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  4. So funky. Great post. Thanks for posting at Funtastic Friday.

    1. Thank you. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  5. Oh wow, these are beautiful ways to style flowers for weddings!


  6. These bouquets are all so beautiful! What a wonderful unique twist on traditional wedding flowers. Thanks for linking!


  7. I love the creative use of flowers, your samples above are lovely. We will feature your post in the next Blogger's Pit Stop.


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