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How to Achieve Soft Winter Skin

Healthy hydrated Shea Butter skin
Do You Want a Naturally Healed Skin?

Guest Blogger: Michelle @Concept Studios Beauty Fashion shares her Fall/Winter skincare tips with us.                


Winter is finally upon us. With the change of seasons, our concerns for effective and natural skincare that can address the stresses of environmental skin damage has become more important than ever. The importance of self-care is a priority, and efficient pampering ingredients that leave our skin feeling luxurious is the goal. Therefore, we are continuously looking to find that one ingredient that will do a multitude of tasks for our damaged skin

  • Shea Butter is such that ingredient for all skin types and genders. When you begin to use Shea Butter your skin will heal from environmental damage and become more nourished. These benefits come from its chemical makeup and anti-fungal properties that balance all skin types.
  • To balance the skin of its oils, Shea Butter contains linoleic, palmitic, stearic, and oleic fatty acid. 
  • To promote ageless skin with healthy circulation and skin cell growth, Shea Butter contains antioxidant vitamins A, E, and F. 
  • The appearance of your skin is aided by the triglycerides, the fatty part of the Shea Nut that nourishes and conditions your skin. 
  • The waxy part of the Shea Nut contains Cetyl esters, that locks moisture into the skin. 

The level of these vitamins and nourishing ingredients may vary according to the different varieties of Shea trees in different regions of West Africa. Therefore, cosmetics that contain Shea butter will vary in their results.

Hydrate, winter glo,

Shea Butter is a super ingredient that can be used in its natural form all over the body from your head to the tips of your toes. Native to West Africa, Shea Butter is harvested from the Shea trees that produce abundant amounts of Shea nuts. The fat that is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree is initially solid from the warm temperatures and often has a warm light yellow or ivory appearance in color.

The benefits of using Shea Butter has been proven over the centuries, because of its high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins. This natural ingredient alone can reduce inflamed skin irritations, and heal dry cracked skin. 

Pregnant women around the world have used this natural ingredient on their skin to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and skin discoloration for centuries.  Mothers that continued using Shea Butter throughout their pregnancy and directly after giving birth have seen results of their skin-repairing back to normal. 

The healing properties of Shea Butter can also repair damage from shaving in men and women as well as providing anti-aging benefits. For those of us who are experiencing acne and unwanted blemishes, Shea butter is a natural alternative to healing the skin.

Shea Butter has been used in the production of cosmetics for centuries. This ingredient is usually the base for most facial moisturizers and body creams. However, if you choose to use Shea Butter in its raw form, be sure to warm the chunks in your hands before applying to your skin. The application alone can be a healing experience. 

If you prefer to have this fabulous natural ingredient mixed in with your skincare, here are several products that can help start your natural skincare journey.

Products that Smooth & Sooth Everyone’s Skin


Our Babies Comfort & Sooth

Shea Baby Bonding Time Massage Balm

Shea Baby Bonding Time Massage Balm

Your beautiful newborn will be comforted with this smooth skin moisturizer balm. Warming the balm in your hands first before applying with this formula after bathing your newborn will continue your lifetime bond. This massage balm is formulated with 70% percent Shea Butter which L’Occitane sources from the women of Burkina Faso of West Africa. This soothing formula also contains sunflower oil and Vitamin E. You may also incorporate their other Shea based products into your baby bathing routine for an aromatherapy experience for your newborn. Nourishing and protecting your newborn’s delicate skin with this balm will be a loving time for you both.

Our Faces 

During my journey as a makeup artist and skincare expert, these products right now in a saturated market are universally formulated for all genders. Now, no product that is on a shelf is completely 100% natural, but this group of skincare products meets the mark of having the least preservatives

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Comforting Cream 
I personally enjoy  L’Occitane for their support of small chains of supply to produce their products. They do this by supporting various small farmers domestically in their country of origin France, and globally. They also support and use recycled materials to package their products which they strongly encourage their clients to participate in their recycling program. Their products are reasonably priced for the level of ingredients, and most of all they support their client's purchases with luxurious gifts and samples.

25% Shea butter 

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Comforting Cream

I had to include this moisturizer because, as a makeup artist I keep this moisturizer in my kit to hydrate clients without a greasy feel. I am sure you will love this moisturizer as well, when used at night your makeup application will look fabulous the next day. This product contains 25%  Shea Butter to help hydrate and heal dry skin. This moisturizer will also help to balance unwanted oils in an oily skin type. This moisturizer is also great for those of us looking to start their first steps to a natural anti-aging routine. A must-have for all genders, and skin types.

Our Lips

Another favorite within my makeup kit, and what I am sure will become a favorite in your beauty bag BUTTERY LIP BALM. These balms are handmade and are produced in Philadelphia. These balms are formulated with 100% Shea Butter as a base. I personally have the Natural lip balm in my makeup kit, however, if you enjoy the aromatherapy of essential oils gives these a try. BUTTERY LIP BALM is also offered in flavors like cinnamon, lemon mint, French vanilla, orange, and chocolate.

100% Shea Butter 

Buttery lip balm

Our Bodies Cleansing

One of my favorite cleansing soaps comes from a Brooklyn based beauty company called Nubian Heritage. This traditional Raw Shea Butter soap can easily be used by all in your household no matter their age. This soap lathers nicely and can be used on the face as well as the body. 

This soap formula is rich with essential vitamins and nourishing ingredients. These ingredients include Vitamins E, Soy Milk, and Cocoa Butter. Their process also infuses a special essential oil blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, Cardamom, Ginger, and Black Pepper, which add skin-healing properties and an aromatic experience. 

Their soaps come in a multitude of flavors such as Goats Milk & Rose Chi, Frankincense and Myrrh, Lavender & Wildflowers, Carrot and Pomegranate, Coconut and Papaya, Lemongrass and Tea Tree, Peppermint, Honey and Black Seed, Mango Butter, and  African Black Soap

Nubian Heritage - Bar Soap Raw Shea Butter - 5 oz. (141 g)

75% Shea Butter 

Nubian Heritage - Bar Soap Raw Shea Butter - 5 oz. (141 g)

Our Body Moisturizer 

Our hands and bodies are easily met with dryness and flakiness. As the winter season progresses, these products from L’Occitane will help you keep a winter skin glo. The Ultra Rich Body Cream and Hand Cream are personal favorites of mine, plus they are rich in healthy amounts of Shea Butter.

The Ultra Rich Body Cream is one of my body cream favorites, especially when my skin feels tight and dry. This formula is based on 25% pure Shea Butter and infused with honey and apricot oil. You will feel your skin begin to heal once you leave the shower, and massage the intense nourishing cream into the skin. There is no greasy feel, just hydrated protected skin. This formula also keeps the skin hydrated for 72 hrs, making the healing process for dry skin possible.

Nourishing hand creams are also another staple of my makeup box and should be a staple for everyone to use. Our hands especially during this pandemic, have been completely depleted of moisture. My favorite hand cream to restore healthy hands is the L’Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream. This cream protects and nourishes the hands even after several cleansings. This cream penetrates dry dehydrated skin quickly with a combination of Shea Butter with other healing ingredients of honey, almond extracts, and coconut oil. 

Shea Butter Nourishing Duo


Shea Butter is a natural ingredient that has not proven to have allergic properties. Studies have been conducted with volunteers with nut allergies, and they have found that those allergies on the skin of these volunteers were not prevalent with the Shea Butter nut topically. If you by chance pose an allergy to Shea Butter, look to see what other ingredients may have been infused with the Shea Butter, this may be the cause of the allergy. Also, if an allergic reaction does occur, try putting raw Shea Butter on the skin without any extra ingredients.

Shea Butter in its raw form, without any essential oils, can help soothe skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. This is because Shea Butter absorbs quickly into the skin providing instant relief.

PRO TIP: When moisturizing yourself or loved ones, be sure to warm the Shea Butter in your hands. This will ensure maximum absorption. Your body and soul will benefit from the soothing and comforting relief of Shea Butter.

Have fun and be your own authentic beauty.💜

Guest Blogger: Michelle @conceptbeautystyle628


  1. My only skin care routine for the past 20+ years is to use factor 50 spf suncream daily on my face, neck and hands
    Thanks for linking with #pocolo and hope to see you back again later this week

  2. Shea butter is so good! My skin needs all the moisturizing it can get during the long winter months! Thanks for linking with me.



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