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18 Unique Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren't Cake

At the heart of every wedding are great dinner food and definitely mouthwatering desserts. However, despite what some might believe, there are no hard-set rules saying that your wedding dessert must be a cake. In fact, the best weddings we have seen usually step outside the “traditional” pattern and go for more unique desserts, like eclairs, cupcakes, chocolate-covered fruit, and more. 

Extraordinary Dessert Ideas You'll Really Want on your Wedding Menu

The wedding dessert can be your opportunity, as a couple, to show off your personality and leave your guests with a taste to remember. This is why it is especially important to find the right baker — someone who will listen to your needs but also incorporate their own professional touch. With a bit of research and planning, you can escalate your wedding from a “typical event,” to a fancy, unforgettable, and delectable occasion.

We have researched current baking trends and popular treats to select 18 mouth-watering, decadent desserts — perfect for your wedding day. These can be easily recreated by your baker, or you can add your own personal flair to make them even more special.

Check out the list below. We hope it inspires you to get creative, think outside the box, and most of all, have fun planning your wedding!

WOW Your Wedding Guests: 18 Delicious Dessert Ideas 
From good ole Eclairs to Cookie dough ice-cream sandwiches: see more cake alternatives below. Hover over the photo to see the names of each recipe. 

Move over macaroons, the old sheriff is back

K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - raspberry eclair - chocolate raspberry eclair

The rainbow marshmallows are a fun pop of color! Psst, add your wedding colors to make it a personalized delicacy!
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - confetti squares - delish.com

Try these Cheesecake bars instead of the whole cheesecake!
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - cheesecake bars - delish.com

Is there anything better than this classic treat?      Oreos!
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - chocolate oreos - delish.com

This will RUIN you for all other ice-cream sandwiches
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - cookie dough ice cream sandwiches - delish.com

The sweetest lasagna you'll ever eat
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - brown lasagna - dessert idea - delish.com

Let me see that Pumpkin roll
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - cheesecake roll on a plate - delish.com

You won't find these egg rolls on the take-out menu
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - blueberry cheesecake egg rolls - delish.com

O.M.G These cupcakes are adorable!
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - strawberry cheesecake stuffed cupcakes

You'll never want a normal grilled cheese again
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - s'more grilled cheese - delish.com

It's time to seriously step up your fudgesicle game
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - fudgesicle hacks - delish.com

These Pops are bananas
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas -Banana Split Pops - delsih.com

This no-bake show-stopper has only 4 ingredients
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - milk n cookies icebox - delish.com

Your inner child called and specifically asked for you to make these immediately
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - ice cream sundae cupcakes - delish.com

Marshmallow Tigger Pops
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - tigger pops - delish.com

We're coco-nuts for these mini pies!
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - dessert ideas - coconut cream cups - delish.com

Three Ingredients, let's go

Oreos, cream cheese, and white chocolate chips are a match made in dessert heaven
k'Mich Weddings - wedding plannings - dessert ideas - oreo truffles - delish.com


When it comes to choosing a wedding dessert, the key is to keep an open mind.

There are so many dessert ideas out there to choose from — so have fun in the process! Sample lots of recipes, get outside your comfort zone, and maybe even add a personal twist to one of the examples above. The options are endless! Every wedding dessert is special, and with a bit of planning, we are certain that you will find the perfect one for you and your spouse. You can find even more dessert ideas at Delish.com. Which of these desserts would you try? And, do you plan on adding your favorite comfort food as your dessert? Let us know in the comment box below.

K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - wedding desserts - Philadelphia PA


  1. What a great selection of treats. Perfect for sharing at Fiesta Friday :)

    1. Yes, they are all great party treats. Thanks for visiting.

  2. I would be all about the cheesecake bars! Yum!

    1. Our fave are the egg roll and grilled cheese... Thanks for visiting.

  3. Ooo... I'll take the cheesecake bars and the lasagne please! What a great round up of ideas - perfect for sharing at Fiesta Friday!

    1. I really don't like grilled cheese, but this grilled cheese has me thinking about making one just like that. Oh, don't mention the egg roll... OMG. Thanks for visiting and sharing. #FeistaFriday

  4. I'm drooling over the Banana Pops. I'll be Pinning your post to my Dessert Board. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

    1. Thank you! We are drooling over the grilled cheese sandwich and the lasagna, just to name two. Thanks for pinning and stopping by, Rhonda!

  5. Yummy. These look amazing. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    1. We do agree! Thanks for stopping by, Claire!

  6. I think I just gained 5 lb just reading about these desserts! #MMBC

    1. Yes, they are simply mouth watering. Thanks for visitng.

  7. Oh my word, these all look amazing! My sister owns a vintage ice cream truck and she is booked frequently for weddings instead of the whole cake business! These are such great ideas. Thanks for sharing and linking up.


    1. Thank you. Comfort food is the way to go when it comes desserts, but with an added twist. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! Our Julie chose this delicious post to be featured in the next Blogger's Pit Stop. Nice job.

  9. What a lot of choice! I'll take the oreos, banana pops and mini coconut pies today please! Thanks for bringing over to Fiesta Friday again!

  10. Oh my goodness these all look amazing! The Oreo things though, yummmmm! #dreamteam

  11. So many yummy treats! I really want to try the egg roll #DreamTeam

  12. Ok, that does it! Obviously I need to get married now, lol!! Really a fabulous round up!

    Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday this week!



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