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Wedding-Day Tipping Check List

Wedding-Day Tipping Check List-wedding planning-vendor tipping-who to tip- Weddings by KMich- Philadelphia PA

Budget For Gratuities in Your Wedding Budget 

Before your wedding comes around, make sure you review your contract a second time to see if gratuity is included. You might see a line from your caterer, and bartender, but most other vendors do not add tips in their fee. So, get familiar with who does and does not include tips in their fee and plan accordingly.

“Weddings often come with a lot of unexpected costs — so it's good to plan how much you can expect to spend on tipping vendors.”

Wedding Tipping Etiquette
Wedding workers usually get a gratuity if you’re happy with their services. Tips are generally given at the end of the wedding; you might want to designate someone to be in charge of handing them over. Before you start liberally giving out cash, however, check the bill - particularly the catering bill - to see if a gratuity is included. And, if you’re unsure of the tipping policy at your reception site, talk to the manager for suggestions. Put tips in sealed envelopes to be given to:

Vendors to Tip After The Wedding

  • Ceremony site staff
  • Ceremony musicians
  • Banquet Managers
  • Maitre d’
  • Wait staff (each)
  • Bartenders (each)
  • Restroom attendant(s) (each)
  • Coatroom attendant(s) (each)
  • Valet(s) (each)
  • Security guard(s) (each)
  • Reception musicians
  • Hairstylist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Delivery driver(s) (each)
  • Limo driver(s) (each)

Your General Tipping Guidelines

Club or banquet manager: 15-20 percent of the reception bill (less if there is also a maitre d')
Mairte d’ or captain: 15-20 percent of the reception bill (less if there is also a banquet manager)
Wait staff: At least $20 each; maitre d’ will distribute tips for you
Bartender: $25-$40 each. Make sure your bartenders are not accepting tips from your guests
Restroom and coatroom attendants: 50 cents to $1 per guest
Valets: 50 cents to $1 per car, or arrange a gratuity with management
Limo driver(s): 15-20 percent of the total bill (to distribute between them)
Delivery driver(s) (for flowers, cake, and other items: $10-$20 each)
DJ crew or band members: $20-$25 each
Hairstylist and make up artist: 15-20 percent of the bill
Wedding Planner and Stationer: $50-$150 is appropriate for a planner’s assistant, with the higher amounts for one who really went above and beyond the call of duty.

Have an extra $10 and $20 bills for unexpected occasions.

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  1. Good information regarding tipping. That stumps a lot of people.

    1. Thanks for visiting and giving your feedback on this topic.

  2. OMG! I'm not even planning on getting married and this list is making me anxious :) wow, so easy to overlook these costs! I wish these were just included in all the contracted services. Would make everyone's lives easier :)

    1. Daria, you can work that out with your Wedding Planner to arrange for tipping as a line item in the overall budget. They can ensure that the appropriate tips are handed out, rather that the Bride and Groom doing it. It's usually the Best Man's job to do the actual tipping but any responsible person that you know can be put in charge of making sure it happens. One less thing for you to stress over!

    2. This is true. Usually, your wedding planner should already has a list of vendors you plan on tipping. Or, your MOH or best man should have a list for themselves. The couple should not have to worry about this part or any part on their wedding day. Thanks for sharing your feedback.


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