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The Hair Hustle is Real - D.I.Y Dos That Will Save You Money

Wedding Day Tips for Hair

You style your hair every day. (Some days you even do it more than once!) That’s why you - yes, you - are highly qualified to DIY a bridal ’do’. “It’s not something to be scared of,” says NYC hairstylist Nunzio Saviano. “If you practice, you’ll get technical skills - and believe it, you can really master the look.” Of course, it helps when you aim for a casual yet romantic vibe, like the braid down shown here.

Trim a few hundred bucks off your budget by doing your own hair.

To re-create it, Saviano suggests putting styling cream through your strands right out of the shower. Let hair completely air-dry, then mist on a light-hold hairspray before you start braiding. “It gives just the right amount of hold without being sticky,” he says. Starting at your ears (or at your temples if you want more tendrils around your face), pull hair back and create a French braid that morphs into a fishtail braid. Secure it with a hair elastic and velvet ribbon.

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Try a braid, a bun or bouncy waves

Long, loose curls can look just right for your big day. To get this polished look, NYC hairstylist Tommy Bucket says to “prep damp hair with a volumizing mousse and a styling cream for shine.” Fully blow-dry your hair, then fire up the curling iron. If your hair holds curl easily, use a large barrel, he says. If it doesn’t go with a smaller barrel “to compensate for curl drops.” Working from roots to ends spiral sections around the barrel and leave there for 10 seconds. “For extra hold, clip in place until hair cools,” he says, and finish with hairspray

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A chic, understated bun

Is about the bride being confident to wear all her hair back,” Saviano says. To get the look, he says to start with washed-yesterday hair (“you want it a little lived in”). Sweep it into a secure ponytail and mist with hairspray. Then twist, wrap, or braid the hair into a bun, and anchor it with bobby pins. If you want to use a bun sponge, be sure it’s not too cartoonishly big and that your hair is long enough to fully cover it, he says. Finish with another thorough blast of hairspray. “You don’t want any of the hair to come out, “Saviano says. “You really can’t redo this.”
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