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What Savvy Brides Need to Know When Wedding Dress Shopping

6 Things You Should Ask When Wedding Dress Shopping!

Last updated: 2/6/2019 
7 things you should ask when wedding dress shopping - Wedding Soiree Blog by K’Mich, Philadelphia’s premier resource for wedding planning and inspiration

Shopping for a wedding dress should be one of the most fun, exciting, memorable moments of wedding preparation, but we all know it can also be one of the most STRESSful. 😖😫

Brides seeking that perfect wedding gown need to come prepared with the right kinds of questions. What style and cut best suits your body type? (Read our article on 'Before Choosing the Dress') Do you want a full train? What kind of gowns is trending this season? We know, it’s complicated and overwhelming... Here are a few of the questions you should ask.

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What to ask When You GO Dress Shopping

1. Talk the consultant about the body and the fit

2. Discuss accessories

3. Ask about delivery

4. Ask about fees and pricing

5. Ask about the bustle

6. Ask about your wedding date and venue date

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