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Wedding Reception Ideas - Please Take Your Seats

6 Ultimate Wedding Reception Seating Ideas

So, your Aunt Suzy and Uncle Bill have been feuding since the 90s, your last single girlfriend is hypersensitive to being seated at the "wrong" table, and you have one couple coming from out of the country who only knows you and your fiancĂ©. 

What to do? With a little tact, diplomacy, and common sense, you can create a seating plan that will make almost everyone happy... Instead of using the traditional way to have guests identify their tables, try these unique ways. 

How to create a seating chart that will blow your guests' minds

1. Seating Assignment Board
Weddings by K'Mich-seating arrangement - seating assignment board - wedding planning
Here is a great way to get your guests to mingle. Instead of doing the traditional seating arrangements, create a seating assignment board. Use the table numbers to attach all the names of your guests that will be seated at that particular table... You can use a backdrop to complete your wedding theme or use a simple colorful easel that will complement your wedding theme. Have fun!

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2. Bridal Bliss Board
Double Duty: Each guest's escort card was attached with a tack (Be creative. Use something that shows your personality). Guests can check to see where they are seated and take a mug home as a favor. Guests will love to take a mule mug home as a favor
Weddings by K'Mich-seating arrangement - bridal bliss board - wedding planning
3.   Mules for Escort and Favors
Weddings by K'Mich- wedding planning - seating chart -  something turquoise
4. Use a Seating Display to Tell Your Story
Weddings by K'Mich-seating ideas-wedding planning-wedding theme-Philadelphia PA
5. Camp Themed Seating Chart Display 
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - seating chart- white arrows in a bulls eye - something turquoise
6. Pick Your Table Bingo
Weddings by K'Mich-seating arrangement - bingo - wedding planning
Instead of assigning seats, here is another fun way to make sure all your guests get to know each other and have fun at the same time. Place all the table numbers/ table names (names can be of both couples' favorite places they have been or their favorite color, you get the idea) in large jars (2 the most to prevent crowding in one area) and position them close to the reception entrance. 

As your guests mingle during the cocktail hour, have a couple of wait staff stand close to the jars (or place a sign telling them what they should do) and invite them to pick a number/name; the number/name that they select will be their table for the rest of the evening! 

This a great way of mixing it up a bit and to prevent feuding family members from sitting together. Be creative!

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Updated: 10/11/21

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