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Bridal Buddy - Before Putting on Your Dress

The Wedding Slip that will help brides a lot! Shark Tank - wedding idea

As seen on 'Shark Tank' last year, this idea is for the bride who is uncomfortable using the bathroom in front of others. It's convenient and easy to use. 

The good thing here is, you won't need your posse to go with you to the lady's room to help you with your dress. It may look like an oversized diaper, but no one will see it but you. Now, you are free to relax and use the bathroom in privacy and not have your bridal party there with you! See below.

Wedding Slip Tutorial

The Bridal Buddy undergarment slip comes in a cute pink bag and will prove to be a lifesaver on your wedding day. Follow this step by step tutorial on putting on the wedding slip

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For more on the wedding slip, you can watch the video here

You can purchase this product here wedding slip.

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