"Every wedding has a story to share... So, how are you going to share your story so that your invited guests and friends will remember?"

Wedding Ideas- How to Keep Your Guests WOWed!

Ultimate ways to keep your guests happy and entertained

Weddings are exciting and fun for everyone. So, why not get the excitement started with your ceremony and continue to your reception. Let your guests experience your wedding through the five senses and enjoy themselves while at it. Use these great ideas that we came up with to WOW  your guests.

Shirdance- Live Entertainment
Get the conversation going as your guests arrive with live statues to greet them or as an aisle marker during your ceremony, and again during cocktail hour to keep the excitement going. Have the statues stand at the entrance of the church with your ushers on both sides with the welcome bags. This can be tailored to your wedding style. Shirdance 
Live entertainment - wedding planning
Ceremony Entrance

entertainment - wedding planning
Aisle Marker

Reception entrance setup - wedding planning
Reception Entrance

Ceremony Ideas- Chair Setup- Indoors/Outdoors
Instead of the traditional chair setup, why not do something different. You can do diagonal, spiral or even circular setup. 
Ceremony set up - wedding planning

spiral ceremony set up - wedding planning

outdoor ceremony set up - wedding planning

Welcome Bag Idea

These bags can be filled with nifty ideas. Place welcome bags on each seat or have your ushers hand them to each guest upon their arrival. In each bag, you can place something different that shows both your favorite comfort snacks, (protein bars, health bars, snickers, etc.) a small bottle of water, a fan, (depends on location) mad lib and pencils, a tiny favor album, just to name a few things. These bags can be custom made to fit your wedding color(s), personality and likes. 
Be creative: Quench your guest’s curiosity by giving the groom’s welcome bag to the bride’s side and the bride’s welcome bag to the groom’s side. This will give your guests an idea of both your tastes and your history!😃

Wedding favor bags - wedding planning

tiny photo albums - wedding planning

Mad Libs

Use this idea to entertain your guests while they await your arrival. This should be a part of your welcome bag. Don’t forget to add those pencils! This is a great way to entertain your guests while they wait for your arrival during the ceremony. Have your guests fill out the blanks before looking at the questions with the words called for. Then use the words to fill in the blank space to complete the story. No peeking!

Wedding Laffs!
Adjective________ Noun_______ Noun_______ Noun_______ Noun_______ Noun_______ Adjective_______  Plural Noun________ Plural Noun_______ Color______ Plural Noun_______ Color________ Plural Noun__________ Number________  Number_______ Plural Noun________ Plural Noun________Verb________ Noun________ Noun_______ Adjective________
1.  The bride should always wear a/an __________(adj.)   _______(noun), the groom a/an ________ (noun).
2.  The bride’s ______________ (noun) should always pay for the _______________ (noun) while the ___________ (noun) of the groom should pick up the tab for the ______________ (adj.) dinner the night before the wedding.
3.  One color scheme should be followed when choosing the___________ (plural noun) as well as the___________ (plural noun). For example, if you choose__________ (color) _________ (plural noun), then you should have ___________ (color) _____________ (plural noun).
4. The bride should choose __________ (number) of her closest ______________ (plural noun) to be her attendants. The groom should choose the same number of his ________________ (plural noun) to be the groomsmen.
5.  Guests should remember to ____________ (verb) on time. Remember it’s the _____________ (noun) and ______________’s (noun) __________ (adj.) day, and you don’t want to ruin it!

Strolling tables-  Live Entertainment
Surprising, unexpected food presentations 
Entertain and serve your guests at the same time during cocktail hour and after the reception with some late night snacks. Tailor your tables to your wedding theme and the menu is up to you. Here are a few ideas for your cocktail hour and late night snacks: 
Cocktail hour- Think miniature, like small newspaper cones filled with fish and chips, fried chicken bite in a mini waffle cone, fried mac'n cheese lollipops. 
After the reception- Food on a stick, wrap it up- pastries or phyllo dough, Guests will love them! Strollingtables

strolling tables - wedding planning

strolling tables - wedding planning

holiday strolling table - wedding planning

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