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The Best Bouquet Ideas For Your Fall Wedding

23 Bouquet Styles To Have on Your Radar

With the change in weather comes a change in the colors of the leaves. Walk outside and you’ll find yourself greeted by falling reds, oranges, and yellows as they take the place of what was green. As a bride, there’s no doubt that ideas of your dream bouquet have filled your thoughts as you think about planning your perfect day. With so many options this fall, we’ve assembled twenty-three examples of some of our favorite fall bouquet trends that you should keep on your radar. Don’t shy away from color, bold florals, and whimsical designs. We’re confident that your bouquet will stand out and be something personal and special to you on your big day. 

Trend One – Envelope Box / Flower Envelope (Love Letter). This chic idea is an alternative to the traditional bouquets. Instead of bouquet look, florists are now looking at new ways to have you, show-off, your flowers. These envelopes are unique to your style, color(s). You can mix and match your favorite colors and flowers to this unique idea! 

Bold Purples 
The color purple is often associated with luxury and royalty. We want our brides to feel like a million bucks on their big day. We absolutely love the unique look of bold purples in a bridal bouquet. We love the mix of the purple orchid in the bouquet on the left, standing out as the central bloom and surrounded by other bold purples. With the bouquet on the right, bold purples stick out amongst garden roses, all perfectly assembled to create a look of elegance and help you feel like royalty. 

Eye-Catching Pinks 
Pink is a color that represents love and friendship, two things that are certain to be represented in abundance on your day. We love these unique pink bouquets because of their strong central elements and unique blend with greenery. The various shades of pink really “pop,” with touches of cattail in the back of the top right bouquet, roses sprinkled throughout, and a tropical protea in the bottom bouquet. In the top left bouquet, you can find gorgeous dahlias peeking through the sea of pinks. 

Delicate Pinks 
If you are a lover of pink but prefer a more delicate look, we absolutely adore these more delicate pink bouquets. On the top left, you'll find a pink anemone flower peering through the silver dollar eucalyptus leaves surrounding it. This flower has a natural ombre effect, allowing it to remain delicate while still standing out. On the top right, you’ll find a ranunculus in the center surrounded by delicate pink and white roses. The bottom bouquet is nothing less than fresh, delicate, and feminine, with just the right touch of pink. 

We love greenery and always talk about it with our brides as ways to add volume and create a cohesive look while not breaking the bank. Silver dollar eucalyptus leaves are an on-trend look that seamlessly blends with any type of flower. Other types of greenery to utilize in your fall bridal bouquet are myrtle, leather fern, eucalyptus baby blue, and grevillea, amongst others. Adding greenery to your bouquet is a budget-friendly way to achieve a full bouquet look while keeping the colors blended and discreet. However, it can also work to naturally allow them to stand out in contrast.

Bright Yellows
For an easy way to add color and stand out in the crowd, add in pops of bright yellows to your bouquet. These one of a kind bouquets are sure to bring sunshine to your fall wedding day. The yellow roses in the bouquet on the left blends in amongst silver dollar eucalyptus, while the bouquet on the right stands out with cattails, a yellow ranunculus, and other gorgeous greenery.

Whimsical Designs 
Having your florist create a one-of-a-kind whimsical design is a perfect way to show your individual style. In the top left, you'll see a bouquet that is truly breathtaking. Allow your fall bridal style to stand out from the rest by combining unique florals and accents to create a look like this. In the top right, a bold hot pink orchid stands out amongst the greenery and whimsical flowers alongside it. The bottom bouquet has so much dimension and beauty within it, contrasting white flowers with bold and romantic roses and greenery. You can't go wrong with a whimsical fall bouquet look.

Trend Two - Wrapped Flower Bouquets are the latest trend. As with the Love letter trend, you can mix n match your favorite colors, fabric/ tissue paper and your style of flowers to get your own look. Here are a few ideas you can claim as your own! 

Classic Roses 
Classic roses are a timeless way to blend your style with a vintage look. Roses can be highlighted with ribbons, tissue paper, cloth, and burlap if assembled on their own as shown in these bouquets. Roses also can make great additions to other bouquets, serving as the classic touch of elegance. No matter your color scheme, there are bound to be roses that fit it seamlessly. We love the darker fall look of white roses wrapped in black cloth and the red roses sprinkled with eucalyptus baby blue.

Calla Lillies 
Calla lilies are extremely gorgeous and should be handled with care as the blooms can bruise easily, which is not something you’d want on your wedding day. We love the contrasting colors of the surrounding paper and wraps around these bold white flowers. The black and white contrast makes a bold look, while the burgundy and tan are a softer, more fall centered color scheme. 
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