"Every wedding has a story to share... So, how are you going to share your story so that your invited guests and friends will remember?" With our help, we can make it possible!

How Can A Person Make His or Her Wedding Memorable?

By Personalizing Your Wedding 👌👍
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Favor Idea - On One side, pics of bride through the years to present. The other side shows the groom through the years to present (Bespoke idea)

Your wedding should tell a story... your STORY, not a trend or something you found on Pinterest. We are not knocking Pinterest or anything like that, we are just saying if you want to make your wedding memorable, copying something you found there is not really how you make your wedding memorable. Being original is how you do it. 

The best way to make your wedding memorable is by personalizing... It shows off both your styles, tastes, swagger, and personalities. Basically, it pushes your creative juices to start churning at full speed. It makes you dig deeper to find what makes you, you...

For example, Meghan Markle's wedding was very memorable, she did her own thing. She had a small bouquet instead of cascading bouquet, she wore a simple yet elegant dress, she walked down the aisle by herself, she omitted "obey" out of her vows, she gave a speech that never has been done in the history of the royals. And, Prince Harry wore a wedding band, which has never been done... They really didn't follow a trend, they created their own! 

So, here's what to do. Pick an area you both want to focus on. (See below) What are you looking to say? How are you going to show off your styles here? Make sure you both sit and decide what’s more important to you and come to an agreement - is it going to be:

7 Ways to make your wedding Memorable

1. Your ceremony or reception - Read  Ways to Keep Your Guests WOWed

2. Your flowers - bouquet, centerpieces, etc. Check out Flower Ideas

4. Your tuxedo - Read Tuxedo vs. Suits

Once you figure out what it's going to be, then choose a theme if you want or just use colors that you both like; have a dominant color and then a secondary color that works well. See chart below to better understand what colors work well together.

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